Using your Powervision S1 to charge a device with Qi Charging capabilities is very simple! Below is a detailed summary of how to set it up.

1. Adjust the magnetic mount on your case to "Charging mode" if applicable.

  • If you are using the Magnetic Phone Case ( Apple Version, Samsung Version ), slide the black tab down using your finger, twist it around and push it back down to set the case from "gimbal mode" to "charging mode". Below is a video example of step 1.

2. Turn off and fold S1 to its closed position 

  • Turn off the device by pressing the power button once and then again while holding until the battery indicator lights go down from 4 to 0.
  •  Fold the S1 to its closed position by:
    1.  Pushing the magnet back in ( labeled on the device )
    2.  Twisting the magnet assembly back flush with the arm ( label on the device )
    3.  Opening the arm enclosure door, and folding the whole arm assembly back into the arm enclosure ( labeled on the device ), and 
    4.  Closing the arm enclosure door.
  • Lastly orient the S1 so the Qi charging pad with the Powervision logo is facing up. Below is a video example of step 2:



3. Place down smartphone and turn on S1 charger

  • Put your S1 in "Charging Mode" by pressing the power button once. The power LED indicator should show an orange light
  • Place your smartphone on the Qi charging pad so that both the coil in the phone and the coil on the S1 line up. The device should start charging. Below is a video example of step 3