• Will the PowerEgg X automatically avoid all obstacles?
    After the automatically avoidance is turned on, the PowerEgg X will avoid the obstacles in the front. It cannot avoid anything that is not in the front of the drone.
    Please keep in mind that the avoidance system will depend on the sensor at front of the drone. If the sensor is covered/damaged, it will also affect the avoidance system. In addition, if you are facing the solid color walls, electric wires, reflective surfaces, transparent surfaces(glass, fine sundries, etc.), the avoidance system will have some errors.
    We recommend you fly in a safe and wide environment.

  • Why the video has no sound even if I turned on the sound switch?
    The video preview in the media library has no sound. You will need to download the contents first. Then when you play the contents, you should hear the sound.

  • Why my video still have a lot of vibrations?
    Please make sure that the protect plastic is removed from the gimbal before you start the PowerEgg X.
    You can select the anti-vibration in the gimbal settings.

  • What is the weight of the drone under drone mode?