• Why the camera can not detect my hand gestures?
    To prevent false recognition of gestures in multi-person scenarios, the effective recognition area for the gesture is set to be above the shoulder, on the sides of your head.
    The acceptable gestures are as follows:The best effective distance of the gesture is between 1-5 meters. Either too close or too far away would affect the accuracy of gesture recognition.

  • Why the camera would stop tracking me after someone else blocks me under the self-seeking mode?
    This function is based on the face recognition to track the face. After lost the face when it is blocked or disappeared in the camera, the camera will wait and re-detect the face when the face re-appear in the camera.
    Show the front side of your face in the camera. Show only part, side of the face would cause the detection to fail.

  • What is the differences between three different mode of the gimbal mode in AI mode?

  • What is the differences between taking photos(V gesture) and taking photos(OK gesture) in gesture shooting?
    V gesture is for instant photo shooting. After recognize the gesture, a photo will be taken immediately.
    OK gesture is for group photo shooting. After recognize the gesture, the camera will automatically adjust the gimbal to point to the center of the group and then take the photo.

  • Can I adjust the focus to get more people/objects in camera?
    Currently the PowerEgg X is using a camera without focus adjustment. You will need to manually move the PowerEgg X or the objects/people to get the desired pictures.