• How can I download media to my phone?

Due to the iOS system security setting, all the media inside the PowerEgg X cannot be downloaded to your phone directly. Follow these steps to download media.

  1. Go to your device media library by pressing the left bottom icon.

  2. Select your desired photo/videos.
  3. Press the download button. This will download the photo/video to your Vision+ library
  4. Go to Vision+2 main page, select the second icon of media library. Select the desired media.
  5. Press Download button to download to your phone library.
  • Why my Vision+ 2 App does not show a good photo quality?

The live view would have a lower quality then the actual contents stored in the SD card. The SD card will always save the images with the quality you choose in the settings.

This is due to the limitations on the smart phones and connectivity between phone and PowerEgg X device. For example, most of the smart phone devices do not support 4k view. Therefore if you wish to view your 4k content, you would have to download the content and play them on a 4k device. 

Keep in mind that the images/videos downloading to your smart phone will also be automatically adjusted to fit your smart phones' limitations. We recommend you to extract contents from the SD card to receive the best image qualities.

Fell free to let us know if you have additional questions regarding the process.