After iOS version 1.0.2, Android version 1.0.5, the Vision+2 app has the ability to save the mapping data.

Data saved is based on the following rules:

  1. The PowerSeeker must be turned on and successfully connected to the PowerDolphin in order to enable the data saving.
  2. Once you enter the app screen, the PowerSeeker will start working. The data starts to be written to your phone.
  3. The data saved contains three column of information: 1. Depth; 2. Longitude; 3. Latitude.
  4. The mapping data will be saved and named after date and time.

To extract the data file, please follow these steps:

iOS phones:

  1. Connect your phone with the Mac/PC. Open up the iTuens
  2. Click on the little phone icon on the top of the screen.
  3. Then on the left tab, choose "File Sharing".
  4. On the right hand tab, choose Vision+ 2, then on the right panel, scroll all the way up to see the files. The data is inside the BathyLog folder.
  5. You can then simply move this folder to your target location then open up the folder.

Android Device:

  1. Connect your phone with the PC/Mac.
  2. Refer to this link for help to access files in your Android phone.
  3. Find the folder "GCS Plus" folder.
  4. Then get the BathyLog folder. The data is stored inside this folder.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact us!