The PowerSeeker is a sonar detector and can be attached to PowerDolphin for fish finding or mapping purpose.

This instruction will guide you through the process of pair your PowerSeeker with your PowerDolphin.

  1. Turn on your PowerDolphin and connect with your smart phone devices.
  2. Enter the PowerDolphin screen and click on settings.
  3. Go to PowerSeeker settings, click on "Fish finder linking".
  4. You can either scan or type the PSN on PowerSeeker.
  5. Click on link.
  6. The PowerDolphin will automatically disconnect with the phone then re-connect with it.
  7. Turn on PowerSeeker, wait for few seconds and check to see if PowerSeeker icon show up on top of screen. 
  8. If still not connecting, power cycle your PowerDolphin and controller and your app.
  9. Make sure that PowerSeeker stay turned on (show blue light). 

If there are still problems with connection, please contact us by either submit a ticket on this support site or directly call us at: +1(855)562-6699