• Why the PowerDolphin wouldn't connect with PowerSeeker?
    1. Make sure the PowerSeeker's WiFi is not connected with other devices (your phone, your friend's phone, etc.)
    2. Please follow the instructions to pair the PowerSeeker with the PowerDolphin.

  • Why the PowerSeeker gives inaccurate data?
    The PowerSeeker is using sonar as a detecting sensor. As for all sonar sensors, there is a limitation when the depth is less than 2~3 ft. The reflection of sonar waves are much too fast for the sonar to process correctly. Therefore you would see a lot of noise near the surface.

  • Can I use PowerRay's PowerSeeker on PowerDolphin?
    No. It's not compatible. But the other way around is compatible. You can use Dolphin's seeker for both PowerRay and PowerDolphin.

PowerRay's PowerSeeker200CAAGXXXXXXXPowerRay only
PowerDolphin's PowerSeeker200CAAPXXXXXXXPowerRay + PowerDolphin

  • How do I turn on PowerSeeker?
    When the three probes are immersed in water, the device will automatically start. When it has left the water for 1 min, the device will automatically shut down.
    You can also use your finger to cover the three probes to short them or use the charger without connect to power outlet in order to manually turn on the PowerSeeker.

  • What does the LED light mean?
    The steady blue light : powered on and ready to go.
    The blinking blue light: already connected with mobile device and is scanning.
    The steady red light: charging.

  • Can I use PowerSeeker alone?
    Yes. PowerSeeker can be used as a stand alone fishfinder.