• What are different sailing modes Dolphin have?
    C: Cruise mode, top speed 10mph. After pushing forward for 2s, can release the forward stick while the boat continue sailing full speed ahead. You will still be able to control left and right through the other stick.
    N: Normal mode, top speed 10mph. Electrical Joint cannot be adjusted
    U: Underwater mode, top speed would be limited. Electrical Joint can be adjusted.

  • How do I exit Cruise Mode?
    1. Short press the auto-return button on controller.
    2. Touch the forward stick again.
    3. Press auto-return button on app screen and follow the instructions.

  • Why I cannot unlock the boat?
    1. To ensure safety, please perform self-testing before actually sailing. If any sensor error exists, the Dolphin will not unlock. You will need to do calibration to fix the errors.
    2. The Dolphin can detect if it is on the ground or on the surface of the water. It will not be unlocked if it is on ground. If it still cannot unlock even if on the surface of the water, please make sure there's no any stuff blocking the detecting probe located on the rear of the boat.

  • Why I cannot switch mode on app?
    While you are using controller, the app will disable the mode switch function to ensure that the controller will dominate the control.

  • Why the sailing speed becomes lower?
    Several reason may affect the sailing speed:
    1. After sometime of usage, the propeller blade will wear-and-tear. You can switch the propeller yourself. If you are running out of spare propellers. You can always contact us and we will send you FREE propeller blades! (1 set per user per month)
    2. Check the battery level. Low battery level would cause low voltage devoted to the motors and will have lower speed.
    3. If the PowerSeeker is installed on the Dolphin, it will have slightly lower speed.
    4. If the manual camera joint is adjusted too high up, it will also decrease the speed.
    5. Check if it is at U mode, which would have a lower top speed.

  • Why the Dolphin always dive into the water instead of sailing on surface?
    Main reason is the Dolphin is not having enough power to accelerate to the desired speed. Please refer to the previous question and follow the instructions.

  • What if the Dolphin flipped over during sailing?
    Once the Dolphin is flipped over, it will automatically turn itself back. You don't need to do any manual control during the process.
    Please be aware:
    1. If the Dolphin get flipped over while it is unlocked, it will not automatically turn itself back. Therefore you need to be very careful while first putting the Dolphin into water. Don't throw it very hard and flip it over.
    2. While the bait drop container is attached at the back, the Dolphin's automatically flip over function would not work.
    3. The Dolphin will stop trying to turn itself back after 10 times of trying. It will wait for human rescue.

  • Why the Dolphin is driving randomly?
    Be aware that the propellers have direction. There are small label on the blades. Making sure they are installed correctly. Otherwise, the Dolphin will not behave normally.