• Does PowerDolphin support multi-devices connection?
    No, right now we only support one device connect to PowerDolphin at one time.

  • Why there is no live image view after I successfully connect to PowerDolphin?
    If you are using T-Mobile as your carrier, please turn off your cellular data in order to see the live image. For detailed connection for T-mobile user, please refer to this article.
    If you are not using T-mobile and cannot see the live image, please go to settings and check for any Firmware Update for camera system.

  • Why the PowerDolphin would lost connection before reach 0.5 miles?
    The furthest the connection can get in ideal situation is 0.5mile. There are a lot of other factors would affect connection.
    1. check your controller's antenna position. Make sure they are in position 1 or 2

    2. Try to keep controller higher than the water level, the higher it can get, the further the connection will be.
    3. Make sure the environment does not have much interference signals. For example, while there are a lot of other WiFi spots around the area, there's big chance the connection distance will be short.

  • Does the controller support HDMI output?
    No, currently the controller does not support HDMI output.