Area Mapping function will let you define an area on the map. The the Dolphin will automatically driving back and forth to sweep the whole area and generate a depth map. You can also define the scanning space.

Before you perform the area mapping, you will need to make sure that both PowerDolphin and PowerSeeker are working and linked together. By default, the Dolphin is linked with the PowerSeeker within the same box.

With both Dolphin and PowerSeeker turned on (blue LED light), tap on the top bar of the screen will open the status list, where you can check if the PowerSeeker is already linked with the Dolphin.

If for some reason you want to link the PowerSeeker with Dolphin manually, you can follow this tutorial link.

Now step by step area mapping:

  1. Toggle the mapping button on the map view. The right side will show the color depth scale.
  2. Click on the AI icon on the left of the screen, then click on "Area Path scan". If you find the "Area Path Scan" is greyed out, it means that the PowerSeeker is not properly linked with the Dolphin.
  3. Then follow the pop out window, click on OK. Then you can use your finger to draw desired scanning area on screen.
  4. Then click on start, the scanning will begin
  5. After it finishes the scanning, the Dolphin will automatically stop.
  6. The scanning data will be saved as .txt file in your smart phone. (available after iOS V1.0.2, Android 1.0.5)
  7. To exporting the data, please follow this tutorial.

If you have any problems, feel free to contact us!

Enjoy Sailing