• What is PowerDolphin?
    PowerDolphin is a High-Speed RC Boat which various functionalities. It can be used as a mobile fish finder; It can do underwater profile mapping; It can take photos/videos both above and below the water surface.
  • What is a Mobile Fish Finder?
    It's like a conventional fish finder but can be remotely controlled and move around. The GPS combined with sonar sensor information can tell you exactly where the fish are located before you physically drive over that position.
  • What are the differences between mobile fish finder and traditional fish finder?
    Traditional Fish Finder requires to be installed on boat or attached to your fishing line. You will need to travel with your fish finder to explore the water area. But mobile fish finder will offer you the ability to stay still while it searching the fish location for you.
  • What is underwater profile mapping?
    With the sonar constantly measuring the depth of water, you can easily find out the water area's underwater profile on the Vision+2 app.
  • What can be attached to the back of the PowerDolphin?
     The bait container comes with the package can be easily attached to the back of PowerDolphin. It can take the bait to the desired position and then drop the bait to lure the fish come over.
  • What is the resolution of camera?
    It can be set inside the Vision+2 app, you can select from these choices: (1280*720@120, 1280*720@240, 1920*1080@60, 3840*2160@30). PowerDolphin also supports slow-motion video at (1280*720@120, 1280*720@240, 1920*1080@60)
  • How fast does the PowerDolphin sail?
    The top speed is about 10mph. But It will depend on the water and wind condition.
  • What will be the max control range?
    With the controller, the max control range would be 0.5 mile. With the phone, the max control range is 330 ft. 
  • What if the connection is down while sailing?
    Don't worry! The PowerDolphin will enter auto return mode once it is disconnected. 
  • What if the PowerDolphin flipped over on the water?
    It will detect that it's upside down and will automatically turn it self back.
  • What if my propeller blades are broken?
    We give two sets of spare blades with the dolphin. And we will ship the blades upon request for FREE! (one set per user per month)