If you are using T-Mobile carrier and iOS devices, please use the following steps to connect your phone, there are two ways to connect:

  1. Use USB cable to connect your phone with controller. 
    • Go to settings -> personal hotspot -> turn on. 
    • Make sure you have connect with any WiFi hotspot as well (Your home WiFi, mobile WiFi devices, etc.)
    • Open up the Vision+2 app, now you should see "Device connected". 
  2. Use your phone to join the controller's WiFi (PDO_RC_XXXXXX) or boat's WiFi (PDO_VEH_XXXXXX) depending on if you wish to use the controller to control the boat.
    • After successfully join the WiFi, go to settings->cellular data->turn off. Then open up the Vision+2 app. 
    • You should see "Device connected", click on "Access Device". Make sure that you can see the camera feed.


  • When there are no other WiFi you can use, you cannot use the USB cable as connection method.
  • If when you try to connect with boat WiFi (PDO_VEH_XXXXXX), you see "cannot joint the wifi". This means that some other devices are connecting with the boat. It only allows one connection at a time. Make sure all other devices(controller and your other phones) are not connecting with boat.
  • If you see "Device connected" and then click on "Access Device", but you cannot see the camera feed, making sure you have already turned off the cellular data.

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us (+1 (855) 562-6699) to submit a support ticket and we can walk you through the process.