This policy is just for the PowerRay.


$20 + one way shipping fee + repair fee (if it is not under warranty) 

Use Cases:

1. If you has a scheduled vacation coming in a few days but the PowerRay is broken, you need that PowerRay being replaced immediately.

2. If the PowerRay is broken down during the middle of the vacation, you will still be able to use it since Advanced Replacement policy offers next day delivery.

How to use it:

1. You reports a RMA through email or App and say that you want the Advanced Replacement. Please let us know your SN number, Proof of purchase, address, and how urgent do you need it (one day or two days).

2. We issue an invoice through email of advanced replacement price $20 + one way shipping fee.

3. After you paid the invoice, we will ship a unit PowerRay (Wizard or Explorer) to you the same day or next day depending on the payment time (If you pay before noon, we will send it the same day. Otherwise, it will be the next day)

4. If you paid the invoice, we will put a credit hold of the current price of the new PowerRay (Wizard or Explorer) on your credit card. Then we will issue a GROUND SHIPPING return label for you. Customer needs to return the unit within 14 days (being shipping, not received by us); otherwise, we will charge the amount on the credit card hold. (We will check the issued tracking number to see if you has shipped the unit on time.)

5. After we receive the unit PowerRay from customer, we will diagnose if this unit is under warranty.

        - If it is under warranty, it is all good.

        - If it is not under warranty, we will issue the charge of the repair cost and round trip logistic fee. It will not exceed $700. If you refuses to pay, we will need to charge it from the credit hold.

Please email us at if you have any quesitons