In this FAQ we will be answering questions regarding features you will be able to access when starting your flight. With all of the modes mentioned, you must have the motors unlocked before you can activate these mode or the base station will yell at you

1. "Orbit mode" is when the drone is continuously flying in a circle. You can adjust the radius and center of the circle.


2. "Selfie mode" is when the gimbal camera will point directly at you (the controller location.)


3.  "Map Point" and it works by the user picking a return point first and then picking the next point to where you want it go, and then you set the height that you want it to fly and hit submit and it will start running the program


4. "Route planning" which is our way point system during the set up of these ways you can adjust the flight height for each and have it land back at your location or where ever you decide you want it to land


5. Like our "Selfie mode" we have "Following mode" who ever has the controller for the PowerEye it will stay 7 meters or further back if you need it you, Where ever the controller goes is where the Eye will follow

6. Return Home Mode | We have 2 different options for this first is "My Location" it will take your current standing location and use that for its return point as well as setting the height again. The Second option you have is using its location "Origin" it will put a invisible marker down on the where its hovering and will use that location as its new point of home.


        6.1   To Touch basis on the return to home feature, if the PowerEye does lose connection to the base station while under good conditions (not crashing, or possible even being                  shot out of the sky) it will automatically return to a point where it picks up GPS signal from the controller.


7. We have also implemented a "Low Battery Alert" feature once the battery falls to a certain point it will Pop up a warning saying that the battery is low and that you should probably bring it back in for battery change. 


8. The Last feature I would like to bring to your attention is our "Safe Zone" feature, this allows you to set a flight area on the map where you choose to include its current position. It is like an invisible fence.