To use the FishFinder's sonar to enhance your PowerRay diving experience, follow the below steps:

  1. Open the cover on the bottom of the PowerRay.
  2. Open the top of the FishFinder. Screw the FishFinder into the PowerRay.
  3. Turn on the base station and the controller. Wait for the green lights to indicate that the devices have been powered on.
  4. Connect the PowerRay to the base station with the cable. Make sure it is screwed in tightly. 
  5. Using your mobile device, connect to the base station's WiFi ("PRA_station_xxxxxx"). 
  6. Launch the Vision+ app. Wait for the notification "Device is Connected."
  7. Wait a few more seconds, and then press "Start Diving."
  8. Return to the main interface of the app, and press the FishFinder icon. You can also press the FishFinder button on the controller.