If you find that your PowerRay is unable to find the PowerSeeker, the two devices are likely unpaired. Please follow the steps below to use the PowerSeeker with the PowerRay.

  1. Turn on the PowerSeeker by plug the charger wire on the three pins but not connect to power source.

  1. Open up the cap of the PowerSeeker, there should be QR code as well as SSID on the flat surface.

  1. Turn on PowerRay's base station and boat. Get PowerRay connected correctly with the Vision+ app.
  2. On your Vision+ app, go to General Settings, choose "Fish finder Pairing".
  3. It will automatically open up the camera, you can point it to the QR code for scanning. If there's anything wrong with the scanning, you can also manually input the SSID.
  4. After click on confirm, there should be a message remind you to restart base station, the boat and the app.

Note: It is very important to RESTART EVERYTHING, otherwise the match process will fail.

  1. After restart, enter the PowerRay and press the Fish finder icon.
  2. Then the app will automatically switch to the Fish finder page, PowerSeeker will blink blue light as well. (Depend on different version, you may have a different UI than showing here)


  1. If in step 5, it shows error message "The current SSID is the same as the input SSID", this means the PowerRay should already paired with this PowerSeeker. Try to reboot the base station, the boat and the Vision+ app. And wait for about 20s for base station and boat sync with the PowerSeeker.
  2. If the following error occur while pushing the Fish finder icon, making sure the PowerSeeker is on. There is steady blue light from the bottom of the PowerSeeker.
  3. The FishFinder need to be turned on during the whole pairing process. It is recommended that leave the charger wire on the three pins since the FishFinder will turn itself off if the three pins are not shorted in 3 mins.