Has your Base Station ever searched and searched for the PowerEgg without being able to find it ( the blue lights on the base station keep rolling, do not show steady lights )? IF this is the case, you might need to re-bind the base station with the Egg. After resetting, the password for the wifi will be reset to default ( 1234567890 ).

1. Turn on the drone and base station.

2. Connect to the base station first via phone or tablet through your WiFi settings.

3. Open up the Vision + application that you downloaded from the app store.

4. Ignore the message saying that it's trying to connect and head over to the Power Egg/Eye section of the application.

5. On the top left there will be a cell phone tower icon, press it and it will bring up a menu.

6. Observe the menu, and keep it open because we are gonna need to press "Link the drone with the base station" in a bit

7. Place the base station about 5-10 feet away from the drone.

    7a. (Placing drone and the base station on an elevated surface like a couch or table will help) 

8. Open the Power Eye/Egg hatch to unveil the battery LED's

9. Head over to the drone and hold the power button down (while turned on) for about 20 seconds and don't let go, and look at the battery LEDs on the drone. When the LEDs start to flash in pairs of 2's, (This should happen two times within the span of 20 seconds) head over to your Vision + application (that you should still have open) and press "Base Station Frequency" multiple times.

9a. Keep pressing "Link the drone with the base station" during this whole process until it binds

10. Drone and base station should bind automatically within a couple of seconds (right after the second set of flashing lights occur on the battery).

    10a. If the drone and base station are bonded together and the lights on the base station are no longer flashing, but         the application still shows them as unbind-ed, exit the app and open it again. (kill the process from the multitask-er)

    10b. If the base station still wont bind reset and restart the base station and wait to see if it just needed to be restarted.

    10c. If it still fails to bind restart the whole process.