This article describes how to download videos and pictures from PowerRay drone SD internal card to your Computer using the PowerView application.

Note: it is also possible to have the pictures and video downloaded using the smartphone application on both iOS and Android devices.

  1. Download the latest PowerView application to your Computer (link: PowerView-PC, PowerView-Mac 2.0.0)
    Note: if you downloaded the previous version, it is recommended to uninstall and reinstall the newest version here.
  2. Install it on your local hard drive.
  3. (This is OPTIONAL step) While still connected with the normal wifi, open up the PowerView, it will detect and see of there's available Firmware Update for boat, camera, controller and basestation. Four messages regarding the update will pop out. You can download those Firmwares and have them upload to the PowerRay or you can just ignore those messages and then use the app on your smart device to do the Firmware Update.
  4. Connect to PowerRay WiFi from your computer. Default password is: 1234567890 and start the PowerView application. It will automatically connect to the PowerRay
    Note: it is important to connect to PowerRay WiFi network -> PRA_xxxxx , not Fish Finder -> PES_xxxx
  5. If it shows any error message and not got connected, click on connect manually.

    Note: It is important to verify that PowerRay is not connected to any other devices such as smartphones or tablets.

  6. After connected, you can go to either video or picture to browse all the contents inside the internal SD card
  7. You can select the ones you wish to download and download them to the folder you desire.
  8. Note: during the whole process, your PC needs to connect to basestation through wifi. If you are downloading a lot of contents (especially if in 4K, they will be large), making sure there's enough battery inside the basestation. If observing the red light, you may need to charge the basestation first.

  • Enjoy.