1. I just bought the product, why won't the battery turn on for the first time?       

a. The battery needs to be activated at first. Please insert the charger into the battery to activate. 


2. Why did the upgrade fail during the upgrade process?


a. The device may be checking the SD card for the upgrade software instead of the app. Remove the SD card and try again.

Why does the device not always turn on, after the short press and long hold of the power button?

a. Short press (1 second), long hold (3-4 seconds). Don't let go in advance. Don't let go until you see all the lights are on. 


4. Why is the AI gesture recognition not working? 

  1. Check that AI gesture recognition is turned on in the settings.
  2. In order to prevent misidentification of gestures in a multi-person scene, the effective recognition area of gesture recognition is above the shoulders and to either side of the head.                                         
  3. The best effective distance for gesture recognition is 1 to 5 meters. Too close or too far will affect accuracy.

5. I use an iOS phone to operate the device. Why can't I view the downloaded pictures in the phone album? 


a. Due to iOS system security restrictions, images in PowerEgg X cannot be downloaded directly to the phone's gallery. Select the image you wish to download. Then click the second media library button in the Vision+2 APP, enter the media library and select the desired files, click the upper left corner to export the synchronized media to the phone's album.


6. Why is the thumbnail image displayed in the app not very clear?

a. The thumbnail is not the final image. Because of limited bandwidth priority is given to ensuring smoothness and the preview image is compressed.    


7. Why are the images in the APP media library not clear? 


a. In order to load more quickly, the files are compressed. It is not the final image quality. You need to download the original film to your computer or use the SD card to copy to another device. 


8. Why is it not possible to download 4K videos to watch on mobile phones? 


a. At present, most mobile phones do not support 4K, it is necessary to transfer to a device that supports 4K.


9. Why is the captured image blurred? 


a. We use ISO automatic highlight compensation, giving priority to brightness. Increasing the ISO will increase the noise of the screen. If you need to reduce the noise, you can adjust the ISO manually and use the shutter to compensate for light to reduce the noise. 


10. Is it always possible to avoid obstacles when obstacle avoidance is enabled? 


  1. Obstacle avoidance is available only in front and below of the device. 
  2. Obstacle avoidance technology is currently affected by external environmental factors. At present, obstacle avoidance functions such as solid-coloured walls, wires, reflective surfaces, glass transparent surfaces, and small debris do not take effect. Obstacle avoidance is only an auxiliary function. It is recommended that you choose an open and safe environment for flight use.



11. Why does the picture shake in flight? 

  1. Be sure to remove the gimbal protective cover during use, and install the gimbal protective cover again after use.                         
  2. Select PTZ mode and the stabilization mode in the APP settings.                    

13. What is the difference between the three PTZ modes in AI mode?

a. PowerEgg X provides you with three types of gimbal modes: follow, lock and FPV. You can 

   switch the mode by clicking the “Gimbal Mode Button”.                    

• Follow mode: Use the long diameter of the body as the axis. When the body is turned, the lens will always try to keep looking in one direction. 


• Lock mode: This mode includes 2 seed modes. The default is pitch lock, which can be switched in the More-PTZ setting. 


1. Pitch lock: With the tail of the host as the centre point, the camera will always try to keep looking in one direction while the host's head (the part where the camera is located) is moving up or down from the forward position. 


2. Three-axis locking: When the tail of the host is used as the centre point, the head of the host (the part where the camera is located) moves from the forward position up and down, left and right, or when the body is rotated with the long diameter of the body as the axis, the lens will always try to keep looking in one direction. 


• FPV mode (full lock): Whether it is moving up or down, left or right, or turning the body, the lens will no longer try to keep looking in one direction and will follow the movement of the body completely. 


14. What is the difference between taking photos (V) and group photos (OK) in gesture shooting? 

  1. Camera gesture: (V) After the gesture is recognised, the camera function can be performed.                         
  2. Group photo gesture: (OK) When a gesture is recognized, automatic composition adjustment will be enabled to start taking photos after the crowd is centred on the screen.

15. What should I do if the group of people selected by the gesture box, can't all be captured in the photo? 


a. PowerEgg X uses a fixed focus lens. If there are too many people, you need to adjust the distance between the crowd and the device. (move away)


16. What is the weight in PowerEgg X flight mode? 


a. 862g (non-waterproof)