In case of difficulties with the radio link connection, it is advised to change the radio frequency (channel) on which the PowerEgg performs communication between a drone and base station. 

NOTE: It is important to perform this operation is performed at ground level, before unlocking/flying drone, NEVER do so when the drone is in flight.

In order to do so please follow the steps described below: 

Start by connecting your PowerEgg with your mobile device and pressing the little map in the left lower corner, followed by pressing the settings button in the upper right corner (3 vertical lines). 

Then, go to general SETTINGs (right lower corner) and choose the "transmission tile".  

Open "LINK SETTINGS". In order to change your current channel, select the first option, "SELECT CHANNEL" 

with the list of available channels. 

Choose any selected channel. 

You should be able to observe the notification that the settings were successfully changed.

The channel change MUST be done at the ground before unlocking/flying drone.

NEVER do it when the drone is airborne.

In case of any further questions, our Support Center remains at your disposal.