3 steps to register as a PowerVision user and active Powervision product

Below you will find instruction,

  • How to register your Powervision user account via our Website.
  • How to perform the "One Click" to active your purchased new Powervision product, powerEgg, powerEye and powerRay.

Please perform it as indicated. However, if you happen to have any further issues, please let us know so that we could assist you with that process. Our Support Center in available also via the Chat!

Register your powervision user account first

If you have not successfully registered as a Powervision user yet, you may do it with our website panel, please follow this link:

Registration Panel

Once you complete the registration, you should have your Powervision user ID and password, you will need them to login Vision+ APP on your smartphone and to activate Powervision product you purchased.

Install our application “Vision+” on your smartphone and login to “Vision+”

In order to start using the PowerVision product, please download and install our application "Vision+" on your smartphone:

Be sure that your Android smartphone supports 5Ghz WiFi if you play PowerEgg or PowerEye; also be sure that your Apple or Android smartphone has a SIM card with e.g. 3G/4G (cellular network) mobile data Internet connection available and enabled for the following activation step.

Download and install the application "Vision+" to your smartphone from the following link: Vision+ Download

At your smartphone, go to WiFi settings, select a WiFi access point which has Internet connection available, for example, your home WiFi is able to Internet.

Then, enter the "Vision+". click "Login" to open login panel in the app, provide the email previously used and password for the registration.

Activate your PowerEgg/Eye/Ray

Further steps show how to process activation if you are logged in.
Please follow the user quick guide, connect the base station, controller, drone etc. properly, and power them on. Make sure that your smartphone are connected to the Base Station's WiFi: for example "PowerEgg_Station_xxxxxx", (PowerEye_Station_xxxxxx” for powerEye and "PRA_Station_xxxxxx" For PowerRay).

Enter "Vision+", you will see "Active immediately" button. Press that button and wait a second for the hint, which will inform you if activation processed properly

Confirm the hint.

Reboot the PowerEgg, Base Station and kill the app. As you turn it on again, connect to Base Station' s Wifi. Enter "Vision+", PowerEgg should have its arms open. Click "Begin flying".

Wait for self-testing to be finished, close that pop-up window by pressing "X" in right upper corner.

You will see the camera view. Then, the device is ready to fly.

Have a great time!