If your PowerRay cannot find the Fish Finder, probably the devices are unpaired. 

As soon as you turn on the PowerRay, the self-testing provides you an information about the FishFinder status. 

The notification is as follows:

Please follow the steps to pair the devices, in order to enjoy the FishFinder together with the PowerRay.

Open the Fish Finder cover and check the Fish Finder' s number. (see picture below)

Then, connect regularly the Fish Finder to the PowerRay. 

Turn on the PowerRay set. 

Connect to the Base Station' s Wifi (PRA_Station_xxxxxx)

Enter the "General Settings" in Vision+ settings.

Choose "Fishfinder Pairing". 

You will be asked for Pairing code. 

Provide 6 last digits of the Fish Finder number that you had checked at the beginning and "Confirm".

When the code is saved, turn off the PowerRay set and mobile device. 

As you turn it on again, the FishFinder will be ready to use. 

In case further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.