If you want to use the Fish Finder to detect fish, the device serves perfectly for that!

In order to do so, throw the device into the water, connect with the proper Wifi. 

Enter the "Vision+" App as the Fish Finder is working. 

Press "Parameters" - tile in right upper corner. 

Choose "Basic" settings.

There you may adjust the device to your needs. 

Select "Fish icon/depth". You will see 3 option: 

  • Off/off - fish icon and depth do not work.
  • On/off - you will see only fish icons.
  • On/on - you will fish icons and depth where they swim. 

The Fish Finder will show you how fish are differentiated by the size.

The depth indicator will appear above every detected fish.

Look at the pictures attached. 

In case of further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.