PowerSeeker Fish Finder can work without the PowerRay. 

The sonar has its own Wifi "PSE_xxxxxx" because of that Fish Finder is an independent device which you can take everywhere.

Fish Finder will be activated automatically as soon as it touched the water. You can notice blue light which means it is turned on.

After that, find on your device WiFi network "PSE_xxxxxx" and connect to it.

Open the App "Vision +" and choose PowerRay as a drone in use and click "Start Diving".

You should see PowerRay operational menu with "big shark" in the main screen.

To open Fish Finder mode please click on the bottom situated on the left side of the screen marked with Fish Finder icon.

It is a great option for anglers! Fish Finder has holes on upper cover to be tied to fishing rod, boat or simple string.

To turn it on, throw it to the water and enjoy!