While angling, you can use the Bait Drop. In order to do so attach it to the magnetic point on the bottom of the PowerRay. 

Then, press the Bait Drop Button on the Contoller for a few seconds. 

The blue light will signalize that the bait drop is clung. 

To release the Bait Drop, push the button again. 

You can do it as well using the APP, where you will find the same Bait Drop Button.

It should be tied to the fishing line of your rod. At the end of the line you can place your regular set with the hook at the end. 

Attach the bait drop to the PowerRay and swim to the selected place.

As you find a location where the fish are, you want to place there a bait. 

Keeping the rod, press the button to release the bait. The sinker with go down, taking the hook with it.

Then, you just need to wait for the fish. 

Please look at the video attach to see the release of the Bait Drop.