PowerRay can operate in 3 different speed modes. 

You can switch them on the Controller or in the "Vision +".

Each of them consumes some level of the battery. 

Swimming at the highest speed that is H mode, allows to operate for 1h.

In M mode it can work for 2h, whereas, the lowest speed L high allows to swim even for 4hours!

Charging takes: 

  • 2,5h to be fully charged for the device
  • 2,5h for Base Station
  • 3,5h for Controller

The adaptor can charge the PowerRay, transmitter, and the Base Station at the same time.

Look at the picture below: 

To learn more about charging, please watch the tutorial: 


You will find more information in Quick Guide on page 14 and 15.

PowerRay is equipped with built-in battery. It is impossible to change it. 

When the battery is run out, you have to take out of the water the PowerRay and charge the battery while it is inside the device.

Application "Vision+" allows to control the level of battery in every single piece of set. 

To control it, enter the setting icon in the right upper corner.

Open battery tile as indicated in the picture below: 

In case of further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.