Thank you for buying your PowerRay drone. In order to have a smooth and easy first experience kindly follow below described steps: 

1. APP

    Download and install our application "Vision+" on your smartphone or tablet:

  • iOS devices - from App Store
  • Android devices - from Google Play


2. Register your account. 

No SIM card registration and activation.

3. Login into the app "Vision+".

4. Connect the cable.

  • Plug the provided cable into base station. Make sure you have a tight connection!
  • In order to connect the other end of the cable, open the vehicle power port protector - located on the top of the PowerRay.
  • Connect it with PowerRay and make sure it is tightly screwed in! Your PowerRay shall start blinking at this point while it turns on.

3. Prepare the Base Station:

  • Turn on the base station by pressing the power switch for 3 seconds.

4. Wifi connection. 

  • Enable the Wi-Fi networks on your mobile device:
  • Find and connect with  “PRA_Station_xxx” - default password is 1234567890.

5. Controller preparation:

Your mobile device can be mounted on the brackets of the remote control.

  • Turn on the remote controller. It will start searching for the base station automatically.
  • Three lights turn green when it is connected. Also, you will hear a notification sound. 

6. Start. 

  • In the APP "Vision +" select "START DIVING"
  • If you are about to use your PowerRay for the first time, it must be activated over the internet connection (by following application instruction)
  • Once the PowerRay is successfully activated it must be rebooted (turn off and turn on).

7. Place your PowerRay in water by holding the back grip located close to the propellers.  Make sure all the air bubbles inside the cover are pushed out with water.

8. Unlock the motors using your application or remote controller.

Unblock the PowerRay

To learn more about the PowerRay, please read product related Quick Guide.

In case of any difficulty, watch the tutorials on our channel on YouTube:

and from Vision + App

You may find our support documents at

especially powerray-user-manual

Enjoy and share your best recordings and memories with us!