Flashing process of Status Indicator
1Systems check during power-on: successful system check
Alternative flashing in red, green and blueonce
2Failed system check
Slow pulsing in red
3GPS signal acquired
Slow pulsing in green
4No sufficient GPS signal
Slow pulsing in yellow
5P Mode (Professional) after motor startup
On in yellow
6N Mode (Normal) and other auxiliary modes
On in green
7E Mode (Easy Control)
On in white
8Landing gear operation
Quick flashing in yellow
Quick flashing in white
10Code matching of remote controller
Slow pulsing in blue
11Alarm of low battery or loss of signal of remote controller
Slow pulsing in red
12Successful mode switching; successful task execution; successful sensor calibration
Flashing in green
13In a no-fly zone where take-off is forbidden
Slow pulsing in red